Tip Free is the way to be.

We believe it’s our responsibility– not yours– to pay a full and fair wage to our employees. We’ve increased wages for all jobs in our shops, ice cream makers, scoopers, shift and store leaders, delivery drivers and chefs, and we offer healthcare to all employees working 30 hours or more.

While our business is seasonal, living expenses are not. We’re proud that our crew have stable, predictable incomes throughout the year.

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Sweet Action’s customers are big tippers

We know you love showing your appreciation for our crew’s hard work and generous customer service, or maybe sometimes you’ve thought tipping was a good way to communicate that your service left something to be desired. We get it!


But, tipping is also pretty problematic

Tipping creates unstable incomes. Some shifts make more than others. Some shops generate more tips than others. Scoopers used to make tips while makers in the back of the shops did not. Summer time meant more income; winter meant way less. That’s no way for anybody to budget their expenses and meet their financial goals.


Tipping does not fix poor service

If someone has a bad experience at Sweet Action’s, that’s our fault – not the crew member’s. The buck stops with us. Sweet Action’s is dedicated to making the world a better place one scoop at a time – and that begins in our shops.


We’re listening

You can impact our customer service best by letting us know your thoughts via the feedback option on your receipt from Square, or by writing us at hello@sweetaction.com.